About Me

“Becoming a property agent was not something that I would have thought of 10 years ago. It was purely by chance!

I finished my tertiary education at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan USA with a bachelor degree in Telecommunications. Shortly after, I started my 1st career as a Provisioning Specialist in Chicago, Illinois USA.

In year 2000, I came to Singapore and was offered a good job in a networking related company. Initially, I thought it was a good job, but I was wrong. My working hours were from 9am to 8pm, and would continue again from 1am to 6am. Besides long working hours, I was also on 24 hours stand-by. After a while, my health deteriorated due to lack of sleep and rest.

Then I changed my career to work with a small sized company. Working hours were better, but I had to do all kinds of work due to lack of staff. After about 1 year, this small company closed down and I was jobless.

I was at a crossroads then……..

“Should I continue to work in telecommunication and information technology industries?”

“Am I happy to work for a business that I do not own?”

I was lucky! I met a group of friends that was in real estate business. After understanding about this new career, I decided to be a property agent. This was 10 years ago.

I worked hard and closed a lot of deals. Besides making a better life for myself, I was accumulating more knowledge and experience related to real estate and property investment. Along the way, I would share my experience with agents who are keen to learn more about this industry. I find tremendous satisfaction and personal fulfillment when I see them become successful.”

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